Series 33
Dual Sensor Pressure Calibrator IS33

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The series 30 Calibrator is probably the greatest pressure calibrator on the market today. These calibrators are all you need in one tool. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket, but big enough to handle all your calibration needs from 1 bar up to 300 bar.

The series 33 has dual pressure sensors, with accuracy of 0.05% of reading for each sensor - yes percentage of reading, so the series 33-3000 will cover from 1 bar to 300 bar in a variety of pressure units. Also the unit will read milliamps for those pressure transmitters.

Each pressure sensor is isolated so you can use it on oil, water, air or nearly any process fluid that you will come across. No need to worry about using the 1 bar sensor on dirty water or oil. Another great feature is that they are Intrinsically Safe so you can use it in Hazardous areas (now ATEX rated for Hazardous areas ).

We use them here at CPS for some of our calibration work and find them so stable and extremely easy to use , no waiting for them to power up and turn on. Push on and they turn on and are ready to use.

Due to their small size and light weight they work well with our range of Ralston Hand Pumps. Install the Ralston QTHA-1MBA into each port and the QTHA-2MBO into your Ralston hand pump and away you go, easily switch between sensors.

Each Series 30 calibrator is sold with a 3-year in destruct warranty, this warranty covers any damage regardless of cause for 3 years. Plus each calibrator can be supplied with a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate for the pressure and a CPS validation of the mA.

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Product code: Series 33

0 to Full Scale    ±0.05% of Reading + 0.005% of FS 
0 to -14.7 PSIG    ±0.25% of Reading + 0.004 PSI 
0 to -99.9 kPa    ±0.25% of Reading +0.03 kPa
0 to -0.9 bar    ±0.25% of Reading + 0.0003 bar
Operating and Compensated    0º to 50º 
Storage   -20º to 70º 
Range    0 to 55 mA 
Resolution    0.001 mA 
Accuracy    ±0.025% of Reading + 0.001 mA 
Connection    4mm jacks, 19mm spacing 
MEDIA     Oil, water or air 
POWER   One 9V carbon or alkaline battery 
Description    Extruded Aluminum with sealed membrane keypad 
Dimensions    D: 29mm x W: 70mm x L: 130mm