Process Calibrators

We have an extensive range of calibration equipment for the process market. Take your pick. Prices and more details inside. Do check out the new Addtiel 22X . series you will be impressed. We have them as demo units at CPS, ask to trial one out.

Plus don't forget your old favorites like the 789 and the 725.

A large selection of pumps and comparators for the generation of pressure, to undertake all calibration work. Check out our very own CPS comparator - 100% NZ made. Click on a model that interests you, all are priced as well.

This is one area we have some expertise, since we have calibrated over 75000 gauges in the last 30+ years so we know a little about pressure generation.
This is something CPS knows a lot about. We have been using pressure calibrators for the last 30 years, and we have selected a range of pressure calibrators that we believe are the best on the market. Based upon accuracy, ease of use and sturdiness. The Crystal IS 31 and IS 30 Series doesn't even need a manual to use, so check them out.

Below is an extensive range from both Fluke and Crystal Engineering, make sure you check out the Crystal nVision.
Want to do more than pressure?   
All items are priced. Start looking by clicking on the product that interests you.
Fluke process meters are for general electrical work as well as calibration work - all in one meter. For more details and pricing please click on the product that interests you.
These are for doing any process calibration work or just simple mA checking. For more details and prices please click on the product that interests you.
Want to expand the range of equipment you test with your Fluke meter? Then these may be just the answer. Decide what type of equipment you test and click on the appropriate range. Prices and ranges are all listed.
If you work in Hazardous areas then you will be interested in this equipment. All items listed are ATEX certified for Hazardous area use.
A complete range of software for both Crystal Engineering and Fluke products; this is what sets our equipment apart from the others.