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HP4000 Series
100mm High Pressure Gauges

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These Ultra High pressure gauges have just recently been released by Nuova Fima and are for pressures up to 60000 PSI.
They are a safety pattern gauges which means if by any chance the bourdon tubes ruptures, the internal pressure will be released via the special blow out back at the rear of the gauge thus protecting the operator that may be reading the gauge. This gauge is suitable for Water blasting and Water cutting applications.

Each gauge is supplied liquid filled with glycerine to give a longer life from reduced wear of the moving parts. Plus the internals of the gauge are welded to the case, which makes for a stronger gauge.

Two thread options are available M16x1.5 or 9/16 UNF. The 9/16 is the standard thread you will find for most applications. We also offer this gauge in 150mm diameter size.

Due to the equipment we have we can supply these gauges with a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate up to 2000 bar.

As these are special gauges we do not stock them at CPS but can order them as required.

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Product code: HP4000 Series