Datalogging is the ability of a device to store readings in it's internal memory. Many of our products can be used for Datalogging purposes, be it temperature or pressure. 
Check out the XP2i datalogger.
The nVision can datalog temperature and pressure at the same time.
At CPS we have become the pressure datalogging experts, especially with the XP2i. If you are interested in pressure datalogging then check out the ultimate pressure datalogger the XP2i.

We can now we can now log with the Additel 680W which enables you to datalog and view the pressure in real time on you PC.

But if you want to do both temperature and pressure at ultra high accuracies then the nVision is the product for you.

Not ready to buy then how about a rental , we have an extensive range of rental dataloggers. CPS Rentals
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