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35 Bar Pneumatic Hand Pump

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The Crystal combo pump is a pneumatic hand pump, which allows you to develop pressures up to 35 bar and vacuum down to -0.85 bar.

The combo pump has two 1/8 NPT female ports, via these ports you can connect to your reference gauge and your item under test. We suggest using a 1/8 Male Ftting fitting which is screwed into each port. Then from this fitting you can connect via a ralston hose to your reference and DUT. Both the XP2i's and the 30 Series connect very well to the combo pump using the ralston fittings.

By using the Ralston fittings you have a calibration system that allows quick and leak free pressure calibration. Each pump has a bleed valve to release the generated pressure and a fine adjust valve so you can dial in the exact required pressure. 

Due to the compressibility of air compared to water, all pneumatic pumps will take their time to develop pressures over 16 bar, so if you want to develop pressures over 16 bar you may find the HPGV hydraulic pump more suited.

The combo pump works well with the range of Fluke pressure modules and Fluke process calibrators.

Product code: ComboPump

As mentioned the pump has two 1/8 NPT female ports which allows you to connect the ralston fittings into.  The pump is made from machined Delrin and is easier to service if required.  Full service instructions are given with the service kit.

The pump works on a scissor principle, just squeeze the two handles together and the piston travels thus creating the pressure.  When you release the handle the piston travels down sucking in more air.

This kind of pump is go for onsite calibration work but you will find it hard work if you need to do a few dozen calibrations.  

Check out our comparator or nitropak if you do a lot of calibration work.

RATED PRESSURE    500 PSI / 35 bar
Easily Produces    300 PSI / 20 bar 
Vacuum    -25"Hg / -12 PSI / -0.85 bar / -85 kPa