Temperature Calibration

CPS has extensive knowledge in Temperature calibration equipment. We use what we sell. We only sell what we use. We put our name behind all these products listed below , If you want a honest answer on any temperature calibration equipment then give Nathan at call at our New Plymouth office. He runs our ISO 17025 accredited temperature calibration lab.

All this equipment will exceed your expectations !.
Additel are new to the Dry  Block calibration market, but don’t look as that being a disadvantage , They have used that as a opportunity to do Dry Blocks  in a different way,  big touch Screen,  Accurate , Fast  and you can communicate to them via your phone.  If you are looking for a portable but accurate dry block then check these out. We have the full range as demo units here at CPS,  So the best way to see how good these units are is to test them out.
Drop us a email and we will be in touch and send you a demo unit.  You may have to wait a short time as they are going out all the time. 
Depending on your application there a a number of ways to read the temperature you require.

Devices that read the resistance from the probe or complete systems with the probe built in. Which one to choose is dependant  on you budget and application , just reach out to us,  we are here to help. 

We use what we sell and we sell what we use in our ISO 17025 Accredited temperature calibration lab. We know that each of these reference thermometer options are good - just ask us. 
Kambic Baths coming soon

Kambic Metrology
A few years ago Fluke purchased the business of Hart Scientific which are world leaders of temperature calibration equipment.  One thing Hart does extremely well is reference probes. The ones below are just a small selection of general purpose probes.

Please check out this link for the full listing on the Fluke Calibration web site.