Calibration Fittings

Calibration fittings are something that is normally forgotten but any leak in any system is frustrating.

This is where these fittings come into there own.  They will save you time and make your calibration jobs easier. 
Be it calibration of a pressure transmitter or just putting a gauge on a pipe to do a pressure test.

These are a fantastic way to connect up your calibrator / gauge to your hand pump. Eliminates leaks and no thread tape or spanners are required to get a leak free system. A extensive range of fittings are available and stocked by CPS.

These Ralston fittings will change the way you carry out calibrations, they will save you time and ensure you have a leak free connection without using any spanners or thread tape - What could be easier.

There is a vast range to help you with your pressure calibrations, please check them out below.
CPF fittings are a revolutionary fitting system for fast, safe and leak free connections. These fittings are finger tight to 700 bar / 10000 PSI!!