Ralston Fittings

These Ralston fittings will change the way you carry out calibrations as they will save you time and ensure you have a leak free connection without using any spanners.

There is a vast range to help you with your pressure calibrations, please check them out below.
These are for connecting your female thread to Ralston Quick Connect Male and Female Fittings.

These fittings are installed into a system which then allows you to connect up with ease to the Ralston Way. They come in BSP,  BSPT and NPT threads from 1/8 right up to 3/4, and if you use a cap and chain you can leave them installed and just remove the cap to start calibration work. These are the fittings you also install into your pressure calibrator or hand pump.
These are for connecting your male thread to a Ralston hose.

These female fittings are the perfect fitting to install onto Reference Pressure gauges, transducers and gauges. We use a lot of them here at CPS in our lab. They are available in BSP, BSPT and NPT thread types so we have the fitting for your application.
These are fittings for connecting up gauges and pumps so they will connect up to Ralston hoses and other fittings.
Here you will find fittings to connect hoses together even through walls.
Here are pages for fittings kits which have a selection of fittings. A great thing to buy when you are not sure what fittings you require.

We stock a couple of kits which we make up here at CPS but do check out the 25 piece universal test kit from Ralston.  All your fittings in one case.