Here are a list of the most common accessories available for our gauges in particular. Many more are available, just ask.

Protective cases are a fantastic way to protect your calibration and instrumentation kits.

Here is a selection of protective cases offered by CPS. We supply these as protective cases for our Calibration kits and Datalogging gauge kits. We custom design and cut the foam lining in house specifically to suit your equipment so when you are ordering your new kit let us know if you have any extra accessories you would like added and we will be happy to incorporate this into your new carry case.  
These are the accessories for our XP2i and nVision pressure gauges and reference recorder.
These are all the accessories for our premium (P) and quality (Q) range of pressure gauges.
These rubber boots are used for extra protection of your gauges from knocks and drops.
Calibration fittings are something that is normally forgotten but any leak in any system is frustrating.

This is where these fittings come into their own.  They will save you time and make your calibration jobs easier, whether it is the calibration of a pressure transmitter or just putting a gauge on a pipe to do a pressure test.

These are a fantastic way to connect up your calibrator / gauge to your hand pump. They eliminate leaks and no thread tape or spanners are required to get a leak free system. A extensive range of fittings are available and stocked by CPS.

Diaphragm seals  are used where you need to isolate your pressure gauge or transmitter from corrosive fluids and ultra pure process mediums. 

Ideal in applications such as waste water treatment, chemical feed systems, water purification and our food and beverage industry. 

They are available in a wide range of materials to suit many process mediums such as  Stainless and for the Polymer seals PVC,CPVC,PP,PVDF bodies with Teflon,Viton & EPDM as the diaphragms.

Stainless Mounting flanges for mounting the gauge to a wall or into a panel.
A complete range of software for both Crystal Engineering and Fluke products; this is what sets our equipment apart from the others.
Also this software allows you to do your job quicker and more accurately.

Backflow Accessories

Below are all the accessories that are available for the comparator. Be it a volume pump to increase the capabilities or the comparator or a service kit if your unit needs a overhaul.