Additel Accessories

External Pressure Modules for the 22X series calibrators.

To increase the capability of your ADT 760/761 or ADT 22x series, Additel produce a range of high accuracy external pressure sensors.

Available in Absolute, compound and gauge ranges from very low pressures to 4000 bar. With accuracies starting at 0.02% of span, each and every one can be supplied with its very own CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate so your know the measurements you are making are correct and accurate.

These modules allow you to add pressure to the Additel 22x series of process calibrators or to expand the pressure capability of the Additel 760 and 761 series of pressure calibrators.

Can be used with the range of Additel hand pumps or the Ralston hand pumps.

Let us design a custom pressure calibration solution, we have over 30 years experience in pressure calibration.
Additel supply a range of standard accessories from a very nice carry case which has wheels as well as room to fit your delicate external reference probe. This is a heavy duty aluminium case that is a must if you are going to be using your 875 Dry Block out in the field.

CPS also offers a number of calibration options to ensure your Additel 875 Dry Bock is working at its peak efficiently level. Each of these calibrations options is done under our IANZ terms of registration so you know that the calibration of your dry block is done properly and accurately. Each calibration undertaken is issued with a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate.  

There is a option to order a custom range Dry Block, so if your calibration range say was from 40 °C to 120 °C, we would order you a dry block that had been uniquely customised by Additel in their factory for you and then they will calibrate and test the unit over this range. The range you select does need to be inside the range of one of their standard dry blocks range, so you can't order say a dry block from -40 °C to 660 °C (now that would be nice wouldn't it if we could.)

To assist in your temperature calibration work a wide range of imperial and metric inserts are available.