Hand Held Meters

Greisinger is a German Manufacturer of quality Hand Held meters covering Pressure, Temperature, Humidity, Water Analysis, Flow and more.

Their Hand Held Temperature meters are highly accurate, stable with very low term drift giving you years of trouble free life. Plus robust and easy to use.

We can supply the temperature and pressure meters with our very own IANZ endorsed test certificates, so you can have confidence knowing that the measurements you are making are correct and traceable to international standards.

Greisinger manufactures many models of hand held meters and soon you will find more below, but in the meantime contact us if you can't find what you are looking for.
Greisinger offers three products to measure humidity.

The GFTH 95 is a low cost, but an accurate, user-friendly unit that measures temperature and humidity. 

If you need to know the dew point temperature as well or measure surface temperatures with an external probe then the GFTH 200 is a great option.

The GFTB has all these features as well as being a barometer, measures wet bulb temperature, specific and absolute humidity. It also has an alarm but has the added feature of datalog so you can store your measurement internal for later downloading.

One of the optional extras is a carry case which gives you a carry case to house the unit in between your required testing - just gives it a little more protection.

 CPS can also supply these meters with their own IANZ endorsed calibration certificate, so you know that the measurements you are making are correct. Please contact use for further information on our accredited calibration services.

Humidity and Flow rate overview.pdf
Greisinger has a comprehensive range of products to measure moisture content of many materials.

From simple to use, nondestructive measuring devices to more accurate ones for hay, grain, wood and a lot more.

Moisture Overview.pdf