The easy way to track your calibrations

Fri 30 Sep 2016

Keeping track of when your devices were last calibrated can be hard work, not to mention the time you waste looking for your certificates and getting quotes for the next calibration.

That’s why we created our online portal, which is free for all our customers.

You can log in at any time to easily see the status of your device and even download the most current CPS certificate as a PDF.

Here’s how our web portal can make your life easier:

- See all your devices at a glance, and download a list of them if needed. 
- View calibration due dates and quickly see which devices need to be calibrated. 
- Check the price for CPS to recalibrate each device.
- Never lose your certificates; download the signed certificates as a PDF.
- Log in easily and securely at any time. 
- Don’t worry about updating your own reminder system; let CPS manage the device database so it’s always      accurate and up to date. 
- Give access to multiple representatives of your company, so they can log in to view the information. 
- Download the information as a CSV file.
- Be kind to the environment by keeping digital records, rather than paper. 

With the CPS Web Portal, you can access all these benefits without any effort on your part. As we update our software, your portal is updated instantly.

We can also remove, add or amend any devices on the portal if needed. Just flick us an email with your amendments. And because it helps you to have everything in one place, we can even track devices not calibrated by us.

Here’s a screenshot of our portal, showing devices in our rental department:

The CPS Web Portal is available to every CPS customer, at no extra cost. If you’d like to become a portal customer, just email and we’ll link your devices to our system, set you up with a user name and password, and then ring up to talk you through logging in. We look forward to hearing from you.

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