Additel 680W Datalogging Digital Pressure Gauge

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Additel 680W Digital Pressure Gauge.

Are you thinking you would like to have a more accurate gauge for testing or datalogging purposes.

Getting sick of trying to work our exactly what your mechanical gauge is trying to tell you, then look no further than the Additel ADT 680W.

The Additel 680W is a low cost, high performance digital pressure gauge that has datalogging capability, suitable to replace normal mechanical pressure gauges. The Additel ADT 680W digital pressure gauge gives you some of the extra features not found with normal gauges. Standard accuracy of 0.25% of full scale but two other higher accuracy options are available being 0.1% and 0.05% of Span, if you need a higher accuracy gauge for your more critical applications.

Don't forget each and every one can be supplied with our very own CPS IANZ calibration  certificate up to 2000 bar so you know the measurements you are taking are accurate and correct. See link to the right of this page.

Peak and Valley Hold – measure and display those pressure spikes.

Multiple pressure units – work in the unit you need to without converting.

High accuracy combined with high readability so you know what the pressure is instead of trying to interpret it.

Long life and stable pressure sensor - Years of trouble free accurate measurements.

IP67 Water proof rating – so perfect for that onsite work out the back of Taupo.

Ability to program custom units like tons or Kilo Newtons for those jacking applications or bolt tightening.

And much much more.

Internal datalogging gives you the ability to store pressure and temperature readings internally over time and download and review at a later date. Let the 680W continuously log your pressure and temperature, come back in a few hours – connect to it via the free Additel Land software and download the data (view in Excel if you wish) and then start another logging run.

The Additel Land software allows you to connect up to 20 x 680W's via a bluetooth dongle. This software allows you to setup the gauge for logging and then start and stop multiple pressure tests. Then when completed you just down load the data using this software.

There is also the ability to stream data from your ADT 680W in real time back to your PC using the optional (purchase required) Additel Log II software. This software has all the same features as the Land software but with the extra capability to stream and record data in real time. You can also see data from a multiple of gauges at the same time.

This is truly one unique datalogging digital gauge.  

Product code: ADT680W-25

The ADT 680W is a digital pressure gauge, which has wireless communication and datalogging capability.  As well as all the other cool features previously mentioned.

The ADT 680W are available in pressure ranges from -1 bar to 2800 bar with different thread connections.

We can even supply your ADT 680W with its very own CPS produced IANZ endorsed calibration certificate, so you know your measurements are correct, prices start at $165.00 for ranges below 700 bar.

Model 680W also gives you datalogging capability. Which means you can you set the gauge up to record its current pressure reading, the temperature of the sensor, as well as the current time.

After recording has been completed you can use the Additel Land software (which is a free download ) to download this data from your ADT 680W onto your computer. Up to 140 000 readings can be recorded.

The recording interval can be set up to record every second right out to once every 9999 seconds.

A dongle goes into your USB drive and this allows for Blue Tooth communication via the Land software to one or many ADT 680W's.

If you want to have custom reports and the ability to tag your recorded runs you may wish to look at the Additel Log II software which is an optional purchase. This software allows you to see in real time your pressure and temperature that is being recored with your ADT 680W. This software allows you to create custom reports and export the data to Excel. Even allows you to download all your day's pressure tests into one Excel file if you so require.

The ADT 680W has the ability to store different datalogging runs, i.e. separate pressure tests on say separate pipelines, each of these test can be tagged with your unique name for the item being pressure tested. (log II software only)

Full factory technical information can be found by downloading the Additel ADT 680 Data sheet.