XP2i Digital Gauge Rentals

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Need to do some pressure testing and need a certified pressure gauge then these are the answer for you.

We have a variety of XP2i's available for rental purposes, some are standard while others have datalogging capabilities. Each XP2i is sent out with a current valid IANZ endorsed calibration so you know that the readings you are going to make will be correct.
Each gauge is supplied in a carry case with a selection of Ralston fittings so no more problems trying to find the right adaptor to connect the gauge to your system.

Rentals rates start from $75.00 for a standard gauge for a same day return to $278.00 per week for the Datalogging XP2i. We also have a 1000 bar Datalogger for $120.00 for a same day return to $318.00 per week.

Longer and contract rates can be negotiated - just contact us

Product code: CPS

Renting a XP2i is a great way to see if you want to purchase one. Use it, test it, and trial it, you won't be disappointed! With the Crystal configure software we can set up the gauge to do exactly what you want.  For more information on what the XP2i can do please click here.

If you are going to use a datalogging gauge to record your pressure readings, we can set up the logging interval and you can go and do you test, bring it back to us and we will download the data for you and either print it out or email on for you. No problem.

Each XP2i is supplied in a Pelican 1400 case with the correct fitting for your application, just tell us what you want to screw into and we will do the rest.

So if you want to rent one, either contact us or go back to the rental home page and pick the pressure range you wish to rent and then click on “buy” and select how many days you wish to rent it for and sign out. We will confirm the pricing and availability for you.