M2 Series
M2 Series Smart Manometers

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The M2 is a nice, functional, lightweight manometer that will give you years of trouble free life. Available in a range of pressure ranges from 3 kPa to 200 bar, so they do overlap with our Crystal calibrators , but where we see the market for these is the lower pressures i.e. below 1 bar, Absolute and differential pressure measurement. So they fill in a gap in our product offering.

One thing that really appealed to us, being the calibration experts, is that the M2 series are also temperature compensated, just like the Crystal Engineering products, there is no change to their stated accuracy due to the Ambient temperature changes from -5°C to 50°C, so perfect for field calibration and testing work. This is critical for low pressure measurement. Especially as you know that in New Zealand we can get all four seasons in one day with a massive temperature change.

The M2 series are easy to use and are on as soon as you turn them on, they have some unique features, like Leak test, Auto record, and Damping as well as the usual peak-valley hold and selectable pressure units. To find out more about the M2 series please download the data sheet from the above link. Some extra options available are, increased accuracy to 0.025% Full Scale Accuracy, differential option for liquids, as well as ATEX rated units for those hazardous areas. Of course they are compatible with the our range of Ralston calibration fittings, and they look super cool in one of our calibrations kits.

If the standard accuracy of 0.05% of Full scale is not good enough for you, then there is the option of getting units with twice the accuracy being 0.025% of full scale. But wait there is more, a Lab Standard version which has an accuracy of 0.01% of full scale is available, which means you can't get much better than this – these ultra high accuracy models are only available in a small number of selected ranges. Download the M2-LS series datasheet above.

For full pressure ranges and prices please click the options link above, as always every M2 manometer is available with a IANZ endorsed calibration certificate so you know your measurements will be correct.

So if you need a highly accurate manometer then you can't go past the M2 series from Meriam.

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