Calibration Services

This is where CPS started, doing pressure calibrations over 30 years ago.  So we really do understand calibration. 
Recently with Paul and Nathan in our New Plymouth office we now undertake temperature and electrical calibrations. Expanding  into the calibration of multifunction process calibrators as manufactured by Fluke and Beamex.

So be it pressure, temperature or electrical equipment we can undertake it all.

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So if you don't use CPS do give us a try you will be impressed.

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Since starting CPS over 30 years ago there has been large growth in the calibration of pressure calibrators be it Crystal, Fluke, Druck or Beamex we can calibrate them all. In the last few years we have invested heavily in ultra high accuracy equipment to calibrate your pressure calibrators to it's manufacture specifications. We have the same equipment manufactures like Crystal, Beamex and Fluke use to make your calibrators.
We have the lowest uncertainties of any pressure lab in New Zealand so we can test your devices to a higher accuracy.

Click here to read about our latest investment in an ultra high accuracy, fully automated Dead weight tester.

We at CPS have been doing pressure calibration for over 30 years and have an extensive range of pressure calibration equipment. With the advent of pressure transmitters and multi function process calibrators we needed to expand our capabilities.

So with the advent of our New Plymouth office we are now able to offer the complete calibration solution.

If you have a loop calibrator or a multi function calibrator like the Fluke 725,789 or the 943/944 and the new 953/954 series we can do them. This service also includes the Beamex's  from the  MC2 through to new MC6.

We now offer the complete calibration service for the process calibration market.

So if you have any of these and need to calibrated them do contact us - you will be impressed with our quick service.

With the advent of CPS in the Naki-  This office handle all our temperature probe calibration work as well as enclosures and onsite temperature calibration work.

So if you have any temperature calibration work please check out the links below.
CPS is IANZ registered for the testing and certification of pressure relief valves up to 4 inch in size. So we do all the small compressor and boiler relief valves. Leave the big ones up to the other companies.
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The calibration of process calibrators and multifunction process calibrators is a very new discipline for CPS its a combination of our already proven high end pressure calibration services with our new electrical calibration capabilities.

As many devices handle pressure measurement as well as electrical source, and/or measure. It made sense to us to expand our capabilities to offer you our customer, the total calibration solution.

Please take a look below at the options below for the calibration of your process calibrator.