Calibration Equipment

CPS is New Zealand's expert on calibration equipment. We have selected the world's best equipment for your use. 
We know that as we use a great deal of it in our own calibration facility. Please check out the equipment below.
Pressure Generation is something we at CPS know a lot about.  We have been using, testing, repairing and manufacturing pressure generation equipment for over 30 years.  
Here is a  large selection of pumps and comparators for the generation of pressure, to undertake all calibration work. Check out our very own CPS comparator - 100% NZ made. Click on a model that interests you, all are priced as well.

We now do a fantastic range of fully automated portable pressure calibrators from Additel , these are impressive.
One of the things that really sets CPS apart from every other calibration equipment supplier here in New Zealand, is that we use what we sell, on a daily basis. So the equipment listed below is a selection of equipment we have found that works and keeps on working, You are most welcome to visit our lab and see it all in action.
Fluke Electrical Calibration is where Fluke started all those years ago. So over the years of making great multimeters , great calibrators were required to calibrate the meters they made.

The range of Fluke electrical calibration equipment is extensive, far too much to have here on the CPS web site.

Recently Fluke purchased Keithley Instruments which manufactured a range of high accuracy Multimeters, 
CPS has access to some of the Keithley range via Fluke Calibration.

So here are some links to the Fluke Electrical Calibration equipment

Electrical Calibration Equipment

RF Calibration Equipment

Keithley Multimeters

Electrical Calibrators

Electrical Standards

Below are a couple of common products we do have listed on this site.

Upon the purchase of DHi Instruments a couple of years back Fluke moved into high end pressure and flow calibration equipment. We here at CPS have a number of DHI's pressure calibration equipment and have been very successful selling the Fluke pressure and flow equipment here in New Zealand. Recently Fluke purchase the Ruska business from GE  so we at CPS now have access to all the Ruska pressure calibration equipment as well.

As the range of equipment is very extensive and there is now a Fluke Calibration web site, we have decided not to duplicate these products on our site so here are some links and a couple of more common products.

Fluke Pressure Calibration Equipment

Fluke Flow Calibration Equipment

Fluke Calibration Website

CPS has extensive knowledge in Temperature calibration equipment. We use what we sell. We only sell what we use. We put our name behind all these products listed below , If you want a honest answer on any temperature calibration equipment then give Nathan at call at our New Plymouth office. He runs our ISO 17025 accredited temperature calibration lab.

All this equipment will exceed your expectations !.
We at CPS make up calibration kits to suit your requirements.  One of the things that sets CPS apart from any other calibration equipment supplier is we use what we sell, so we know what works and what doesn't.
So these calibration kits were born from using our gear to do pressure calibrations.

Calibration fittings are something that is normally forgotten but any leak in any system is frustrating.

This is where these fittings come into there own.  They will save you time and make your calibration jobs easier. 
Be it calibration of a pressure transmitter or just putting a gauge on a pipe to do a pressure test.

These are a fantastic way to connect up your calibrator / gauge to your hand pump. Eliminates leaks and no thread tape or spanners are required to get a leak free system. A extensive range of fittings are available and stocked by CPS.

A complete range of software for both Crystal Engineering and Fluke products; this is what sets our equipment apart from the others.
CPS has an extensive range of rental equipment for your calibration and testing needs. We have an extensive range of calibrated digital pressure gauges, most with dataloging capability so check out the XP2i's. Every XP2i rented comes with a valid IANZ calibration certificate so you know your measurements will be correct. After recording your results download directly into excel.

If you need to log pressure and temperature check out the nVision this is a dual channel device which allows you to record pressure and temperature simultaneously and then download directly into excel.

If you need to do some pressure or temperature calibration work then we also have equipment for that as well from our own 700 bar pressure comparator, a range of hand pumps, portable pressure source the Nitropak as well as dry blocks, liquid baths and temperature reference probes.

Recently we have also expanded our rental base to include process calibrators so we have a Jofra ASC 400, Fluke 754 and Beamex MC5 so can cover all your process calibration needs for that shut you may have and need some extra calibration equipment. Even loop calibrators.

Check out the full range of our Process Calibrators via this link

Process Calibration