Welcome to the first ever newsletter from CPS (NZ) Ltd.  We will not inundate your in-box with useless sales emails, which we both just don't have the time for.  But the marketing gurus say we must be in more contact with our clients, so we are going to offer some tips, and hopefully, some real benefits to help you and maybe make your job easier. These will be targeted emails, so you will only get information relevant to your business and not some waffle about thermal imaging cameras when you buy our relief valves. 

Since starting and owning CPS for over 25 years, with my business partner Kirsty,  we have developed a wealth of knowledge in many industries and would like to share this with you.

As you will see (above) we have a new CPS logo designed by a good friend, Grant Hunter from Hunter Creative. A bit more racey and go fast! (And will look great on the side of the rally car.)

Along with this new logo we have done a revamp of the CPS web site. Take a look, We've got some of the latest, cool features - especially how you can zoom in on each photo and have a closer look at each product. Great for pressure gauge dials! The P4000 series is a good example.

Is it 100% complete?  Hell no! A website is like a child - forever changing! A number of pages are not complete but we are working our way through them! If you do see something we have missed out, please let us know. And all feedback is greatly appreciated. But do check out the new products page as it has some cool, new things.

With future newsletters, we are going to highlight a product or service that we feel may be of interest to you.  

The first one is on the XP2i - 

XP2i Digital Pressure gauge



The XP2i is one product that has helped CPS be so sucessful in recent years.  It alone has driven the expansion of our pressure calibration laboratory. 

Some may say its just a pressure gauge. True it only reads pressure. Thing is, it does it damm well - day in, day out. We love these gauges and just keep on selling them. 

Combine an XP2i  with our Ralston fittings  and a calibration pumps and you end up with more than just a 'pressure gauge' - you have a calibration/test system.

These gauges will save you time and make your job easier.

Each and every Crystal Gauge we sell comes with our very 

own 'three- year, no questions asked' warranty.

Give us a  call to find out more, or rent  one. Maybe even try to talk Gary into loaning you one as a trial.