In mid November of this year our boss Chris will be competing in the SilverFern Rally.

This is a Targa like event but based 100% on gravel roads throughout the North Island.

As you may already know Chris has been rallying for over 15 years and decided last year to do the Silverfern.

So he has purchased a Toyota Corolla AE86 Classic Rear Wheel drive rally car. Which now needs a full rebuild to get it suitable for such a marathon event . The car is nearly finished and hopefully Chris and his co-driver Diana Lloyd will be competing in some normal rallies in preparation for the big event.

Check out a map of the event to check out where Chris will be going for the Silverfern.

Events we will be doing before the Silverfern

Daybreaker Rally

Gisborne Rally

Marmarua Rally

Rally of the North