CPS 3-year warranty on Crystal XP2i digital gauges.

Our promise to you the gauge owner is that if your Crystal XP2i digital gauge fails (excluding mis-use) within three years of purchase from us,  we will repair or replace the gauge free of charge. This warranty is effective for Crystal XP2i digital gauges purchased after 1st January 2012.  

As the Crystal XP2i digital gauge is so good, we at CPS  feel we can offer this three-year warranty on XP2i's gauges we sell.  This is not a Crystal factory warranty but something only we at CPS offers to our customers. We believe we are the only Crystal distributor in the world offering such a warranty.

Basically, buy your Crystal XP2i digital gauge from CPS (NZ) Limited, have it calibrated once per year by us and if the gauge goes down for any reason (excluding mis-use) we will fix or replace it.  Yes, any reason at all (except mis-use).  As long as you can send us the gauge, we will make sure it is back up and running at no cost to you.

The only condition of this warranty is that you have to send the Crystal XP2i digital gauge to CPS (NZ) Limited every 12 months for recalibration - no other conditions. Even if you accidentally over-pressure the gauge, we will repair/replace it.

You may be wondering how we can do this? Really it is that they are so good. We have been selling the Crystal XP2i digital gauge for nearly ten years now and we see very few being damaged and requiring repair.

So this give you some extra peace of mind. Your purchase of a Crystal XP2i digital gauge from CPS (NZ) Limited will give you years of trouble-free operation.