CPS is a Auckland based company specializing in calibration and calibration equipment along with some related products like Pressure Gauges and  Relief Valves. We believe we are the experts in Instrumentation and Calibration for New Zealand. CPS is not a company that just imports and sells stuff to make a buck.  We reinvest significant money back into making CPS a great company.  We have a extensive laboratory for pressure calibration. Equipment not seen in other companies in New Zealand or Australia or for that fact any other country in the world. 

We believe automation is the way forward so our lab follows this belief along with accounting, database and even our new computer system. A couple of years ago we  got rid of all our Microsoft PC's and went down the track of Apples. Haven't looked back. 

A great deal of our products complement each other which allows us to offer the total solution for your calibration needs.  We don't just sell you a gauge and then let you worry about how it connects to your calibrator.  We do the fittings, we do the hoses, we do the calibrations, we do the cases , we even do training. The total package. As we believe there is still room for a company to offer personalized service and not just try and push as many products as possible.

So if you believe you want to deal with a company that values your business then give us a chance, if you at any time have any problems or something is not getting sorted to your satisfaction then give me a call.  I will sort it out.

Chris Woudenberg.
Managing Director