Digital Pressure Gauges and Calibration Equipment

Hello and welcome to CPS on-line! CPS is New Zealand’s foremost supplier of Calibration Equipment, Pressure Gauges and Digital Pressure Gauges. We have been doing business in New Zealand since the mid-80’s so we understand Pressure gauges and Calibration equipment. We started out calibrating pressure gauges and then moved into sales of Pressure Gauges and Digital Pressure Gauges about 18 years ago. Our service, knowledge and experience is what sets us apart from everybody else.

Expert advice about pressure gauges

By being more than a sales company, we can really help you with your Calibration equipment selection. We use what we sell. Our IANZ lab has the latest equipment from Fluke Calibration with the lowest uncertainties found in any commercial lab in Australasia. In a recent interlab proficiency test between 15 labs, CPS came out on top - something we are very proud of!

We are both an importer and an exporter of Calibration Equipment, and have developed the only pressure comparator made in New Zealand; we were a finalist in 2008 for Auckland exporter of the year for this product.  Export sales are still continuing into more and more markets throughout the world.

We have been extremely successful with all the agencies we represent and have purposely chosen not to represent too many companies, but instead to represent companies that lead the market in their industries. These companies assist us to ensure we have the best Calibration Equipment, Pressure Gauges and Digital Pressure Gauges for you.

The XP2i Digital Pressure Gauge is a great  success. We have taken this product from nothing, to now being one of Crystal’s biggest markets for such a small country in just 5 years. This product is in every industry we can think of in New Zealand. This has driven our expansion in our calibration capabilities.

In 2008, CPS was appointed the Fluke Calibration Equipment distributor for New Zealand, this is huge step for us and has really expanded the range of calibration equipment we can offer.  Be it Pressure, Temperature, Electrical or Flow, Fluke does it.

So please do browse through our site and contact us if you don’t find the answer you are looking for.